Is it just me or…

Dear readers,

I like think that death is not the end of it all. And not because I don’t want life to end, not at all. It’s just that it’s a soothing thought. You know, people not just disappearing. Like they’re still here, watching over us. Like a guardian angel. It’s nice to feel like someone’s watching over you, making sure you won’t do anything stupid or life-ruining. It’s feels safe. And less lonely too.

Now I don’t like to call it heaven, though. It sounds so unreal and fictional. Overrated even. I don’t think this place really has a name, for me it doesn’t. But if I had to put it on a map, it would be named ‘imagination’ or ‘our hearts’. And even if it really is just my imagination, I don’t care. It feels peacefully to think that all the people  I’ve loved and lost are somewhere out there. Together. Taking care of each other. Maybe even waiting for me to join them.

Yes, it’s ok for you to call me crazy or deluded. I don’t think I can or want to live without the thought of them still being with me. People who really love you, never leave your side.

Much love,