A massive black hole

Dear reader,

Have you ever had the feeling of living in a black hole? Doing your daily job as if you’re a robot? I’m going through it, right now. Let me explain.

Here in Holland we’ve got Serious Request. It’s a charity event that goes on for an entire week. Three radio DJs enter a glass house and will not eat for a week. People can ask them to play a song, but they have to pay money. And in the end, all the money will go to a good cause.
This year, the Glass House was in the city where I’m doing my internship. And no, that is certainly not a coincidence, I promise. The money that was going to be raised will go to the Red Cross. They make sure that there will be more hospitals, pregnant women will get a mama-package which helps them to give birth safely and much more.

For my internship I was on top of this event. I went to the Glass House every day to report it. I did interviews, I spoke to people who raised money by setting up their own events. It was amazing, really! I got to do so much fun stuff. Trust me when I say it was the best week of my life.

But then it ends. They raised over 12 million euro’s, which is amazing! The highest amount in 9 years! But still.. it’s ended. The house will be torn down, everything will ease down, people will get back to their day jobs. So do I. I’m back in the office. And don’t get me wrong, I love my internship. I like the work I’m doing every day. But it’s back to basic again, and it feels empty.

It was so nice on the market with the Glass House and all the nice people and good music. And now I’m sitting behind a computer again, typing my way through the day. It’s like I need to get used to it again. And I’m sad about it.
My internship isn’t exciting anymore. I need to get that spark back and enjoy it again. But right now, I don’t really know where to look for it. Cause all I see is this massive black hole and I can’t find the signs that will lead me to the exit.

Much love,


PS: Happy new year ❤