Stop joking about it

Dear reader,

I often hear people say that something makes them feel so depressed. A class in school or a certain subject. And yeah, you can feel depressed, but think about the people around you when you say something like that. There may be someone within hearing distance who is fighting a depression. Ever thought about what it’s like for them to hear people make jokes about something they’re suffering from?

When I first told people about my battle, someone asked me if I was OK with joking about it. And I said I didn’t mind, because it seemed so harmless back then. But now… Hearing people joking about feeling depressed cause they got an assignment they don’t like, it hurts. Because those people don’t know what it’s like to battle this awful mental illness. They don’t know what goes on in our heads. They don’t know what we have to go through every single day.

So here’s to the people who never really were depressed and are joking about it. I want to say something to you; please stop. You don’t know what your words might do to someone.

Much love,