Smaxx Confession & Update

Dear reader,

Maxx and I have a confession to make..

The last few weeks we’ve both been very busy with school, internships and I’ve been ill as well. And on top of that we are both also very busy in July. I don’t know what Maxx will do, I hope she’s going to rest for a bit. But I’m doing Kermis FM again, so I won’t have any time to read for about three weeks. This is why we both still haven’t finished reading our book for June. Bad girls, I know. Sorry!

So we’ve decided to read our current book (Love letters to the dead) in June and July. I know, I know, we made a deal to read one new book every month, but we’re just not going to make it.

This means that Love letters to the dead is our Smaxx book for both June and July and in August we’ll read a new one, chosen by Maxx.

So that’s all on this Confession & Update and I will speak to you soon.

Much love,



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