I donated my hair

A few weeks ago I was combing my hair before taking a shower and at that moment I decided I was done with it. I didn’t want my long hair anymore, so I decided; what better way to get rid of your hair is there than to donate it? We made four braids, cut them off and put them in an envelope. Gone.

At the time I only knew of the Hairwishes Foundation in Holland. They make wigs for kids with cancer. But they don’t accept dyed hair and as my hair’s got some highlights, I searched for other foundations and came across the Dutch Hairfoundation. The make wigs for women who are financially troubled and suffer(ed) from breast cancer. They accept dyed hair, so the only problem there was, was now fixed.

I really hope they’re happy with my hair and I hope somebody else will be very pleased with it.



In 2013 I turned 22, so I was able to sing along to Taylor Swift’s 22. Not that I particularly liked that song at the time, I think I’d heard it on the radio three times. The only thing I knew about that song is that Taylor sang the words Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.

Then the summer after that I turned 23 and I didn’t really have a jam anymore until earlier this year when Lucy Spraggan released her new album. Lucy is a British singer-songwriter who was a contestant on the X Factor in 2012 where she finished in ninth place due to illness. And maybe you can already guess, but on her new album We Are is a song called 23. I don’t have a clue, I’m learning to be free, I’n just the same as you. This is all I’ve learnt to be at 23. 

But I’ve stumbled upon a minor problem. I turned 24 last Friday and I don’t know a song about being 24. And I was actually kind of hoping to make this song-thing something anual.

So music artists, if you read this, please write a song about being 24!