Me and my lists

There are things I like and things I hate. One of those likes is lists. I love making lists and I have to say, I tend on making them quite often. Lists of things I need to buy, things I need to do, things I need to remember and even ideas for a new blog post on WordPress.

So I figured I should put some of them online, here on my page. It’s a way for you to get to know me and a way for me to get to know myself a bit more as well. Cause when you start thinking about who you really are, you find out so much more about yourself. It’s like meeting a stranger who’s actually been on your side your whole life.

The best moment to start is now, I guess and I would like to start with my bucket list. It’s not a long list. It’s simple, but hard. It’s me.

My Bucket List:

  • To see the Northern Lights
  • To write a book and maybe even have a movie made of it
  • To visit the Harry Potter Theme Park in Orlando
  • To have a wall fully loaded with books
  • To go on a holiday to Ireland
  • To go on a holiday to Scotland
  • To see The Lord Of The Dance perform live (I mean Michael Flatley, not the show, I’ve seen the show and I’ve cried during the entire     show, but more about that later in another list)
  • To meet Adam Lambert
  • To meet Jedward
  • To meet 30 Seconds to Mars
  • To be successful at my job

My bucket list has no particular order, but what’s on top of your list? Let me know. Maybe we share some things or maybe we could even help each other achieving their goals.

Much love,