The curious case of the dog in the night-time

Dear reader,

I think this book is a bit like Marmite. You either hate it or you like it. I can tell you that I loved reading it. It reads very simple and that’s because it’s supposedly written by an autistic boy, Christopher.

Christopher is good friends with the neighbour’s dog, but one day he finds it dead in the garden with a pitchfork in its stomach. Christopher starts an investigation and questions everybody in his street. Everything he does, he writes down in a book, this book. But about halfway through, not everything is what it seems.

Some people might say that Mark Haddon is an inexperienced writer, because this book is so simple. I can’t really judge this, as I have never read anything else by him. But I do think he just really wrote from this autistic boy’s perspective.

Apart from the ending, I really liked it. I just didn’t like the ending, because there wasn’t one. It just stopped.

So if you are looking for a new adventure and you don’t mind reading simple books, read this!

Maxx, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion. So I’ll see you on Saturday!

Much love,



I’ve got some happy news for you!

Dear reader,

I’ve got some happy news for you, as you might have figured out after reading the title of this post. On October 12th my mum and I will be getting a new dog! It’s a Shih Tzu girl, completely white with a few black spots. She’s the smallest of the group and also the dirtiest, as she rolls around in her food.

We decided to name her Flødebolle, it’s the Danish name for something which I don’t think has an English name for it, so here’s a picture.


On my Facebook page you will find a folder with loads of photo’s of her. So go check it out, cause she’s a real cutie pie!

Much love,


PS: This is the first time she was in her dog basket. And no, the basket isn’t as big as it looks. The dog is just still so small. 🙂

Bye bye, buddy

Dear readers,

Sorry again, for not posting anything. Last time I told you my dog wasn’t doing well. He had cancer. Had. He passed away on August 21st, only a week after his seventh birthday. I wrote this on August 22nd.


Crying yourself to sleep is awful, but I did it last night. I also think it’s the first of many nights to come for a while. I had to put my dog to sleep yesterday. My buddy had cancer close to his lungs, which made it hard for him to breath, bark and eat. That’s not how the life of a dog is supposed to be. And to be honest, I saw it coming. I already thought I’d lost him a week ago.

Only a week after his seventh birthday, way too soon if you ask me. And I’m going to miss him., so so bad. I’ll miss the way his ears moved while drinking, the way he played with his towel and stray plastic bottles. The way he winked and the way he cried when he heard an ambulance. But mostly I’ll miss him when I come home and see he’s not there. I’m going to miss him getting on his chair when we told him to look after the house while we were gone. And I’m going to miss the noise he made when he saw me get off the bus after being away for a week.

He won’t be there when I come home from my week at school and he won’t be coming to me for a cuddle anymore.

I’m going to miss my buddy, but it’s better this way. No more pain and no more sickness. Peace at last.

I love you, Foufur. Bye bye baby.


You may think it’s cheesy. I don’t care. It’s how I felt at that moment and I was right. I do miss all those little things. I’m dazzled by the numerous times I expect him to walk in or hear him sigh. It’s so silent at home. So quiet. So empty.


Much love,