Suicide Awareness Day – Make the world a better place

Dear reader,

Monday September 10th was World Wide Suicide Awareness Day. People wearing something yellow and writing love on their wrists. All to show people that they care. They care about you and your story, about how you feel. They want to make sure that you don’t feel left out, that you feel loved and beautiful. They want to show you that if something is wrong, you can talk to them, ask them for advice.

Too bad it’s all just for one day. And it’s even worse that it’s necessary.

If people just stood up for one another or if they just ask people how they’re doing every now and then… Just send some love to the people around you, even if they’re just strangers.
Go sit with the guy who’s having lunch all by himself. Stand up for that shy girl when they bully her. Give someone your attention, make sure they feel wanted.

If we’d all be a little bit nicer to each other, this day would be irrelevant. Say hello to a stranger on the street, smile when you walk past people. Because one single smile can make a different. It can lighten someone’s mood and make them feel better.

We shouldn’t have to wear yellow to send out a message to the ones that don’t like living. It’s shouldn’t be just one day out of 365 to make people aware of self-harm and suicide.

In Holland on average 4,5 people commit suicide every day. That’s a lot. And it’s not necessary. So give some love to the people around you and talk to them. Make someone’s day a little bit better by doing something nice out of the blue.

And don’t just blow this away. It’s important. You might not know how it feels to loose someone this way. But I do. I know how it feels to blame yourself for not sending enough love, or not being able to help someone, because they’re already so far gone. Nobody should have to deal with this, so make sure no more people will.

Let’s see how many lives we can change. Let’s see how many people we can save.

Much love,