Internship, Sweet revenge & Books

Dear reader,

It’s been a while since I last ‘spoke’ to you, so let’s get started.

I got myself an internship at RTL Boulevard, the biggest showbiz television programme in Holland. I got it and I threw it away again. The work was great and the team I worked with was amazing. For years I said I wanted to work there, but sadly, it didn’t work for me. So now I’ve gotten myself a new internship at the local newspaper and in the first week I’ve already made it to the front page!


Maxx and I are still doing the Smaxx-Project. Today I gave her our book for March, and let’s say it was very shiny. Let’s say I got my sweet revenge as she has given me five books filled with confetti. Thanks Maxx.

stars1 stars2

I am changing my reading routine. I always picked a book at random and started reading. From now on I’m going to do that differently. From now on I’m reading my books from A to Z as I’ve got way to many books that I haven’t read yet. So, starting this week with our new Smaxx book and then it on to my shelves, starting with The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom.

tccotditnt TDAT

Also, I went to see James Arthur in concert in Amsterdam, but it got cancelled last minute. Not kidding. Five minutes before opening the venue they showed up with these posters telling us that James was sick and that the concert was moved to April 14th.


Oh and by the way.. This clock is now mine. How cool is it?!


Much love,



Musical post

Dear reader,

I. Love. Music. So here are a few of my favorites. Click on the name of the artist or band to see a music video.

Favorite Dutch Band: KENSINGTON

Favorite Foreign Band: 30 Seconds to Mars

Favorite Dutch Solo Artist: Jamai Loman

Favorite Foreign Solo Artist: Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

Favorite Girl Band: Little Mix
Little Mix

Favorite Boy Band: One Direction
One Direction

Favorite Male Singer: James Arthur
James Arthur

Favorite Female Singer: Lucy Spraggan
Lucy Spraggan

Favorite Happy Song: Janet Devlin – Wonderful
Janet Devlin

Favorite Sad Song: Demi Lovato – Warrior
Demi Lovato

Favorite Energetic Song: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Imagine Dragons