Moving sucks

How much stuff can one person own? I don’t know, but I own a lot!

I’m temporarily moving for my internship on the other side of the country. And it sucks. I literally have fourteen boxed in storage and I brought a fully loaded car back home.It took me a full day to pack and clean and another day to actually move and I would like to thank my mom for helping me do this.

I wish I’d never had to do this ever again, but that is definitely not the case, so I guess I’ll just leave some things packed and keep my room as clean as can be. I know I won’t, but it’s a good thought.

The weird thing actually is, that there are people in the world who move every week or month. Must be horrible. Although.. I do think they don’t have much things they’re attached to. But still… don’t they miss their friends? The memories that were made in a place they’re leaving. It must hurt. And I think I will struggle when I’m leaving Drachten for the rest of my life. That won’t happen the upcoming two years, but still. The thought of it makes me want to cry.

You know, this actually made me think of my lists. Moving will definitely be on my hate list.

Much love,