Some of the pictures I took at Simmerdeis

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Canoeing, a weird bus driver and Simmerdeis

Last weekend was Simmerdeis. It’s a festival in Drachten and one of my favourite bands were playing, so a friend came over for the weekend. As we were checking out the festival on Saturday, we noticed everything was really expensive, so we decided to do some shopping before we’d come back the next day. But, every shop in Drachten is closed on a Sunday. We therefore went to Groningen to get some food.

After we got food and wine, we took the bus back home. And our view at the traffic lights was great. There were people canoeing and there was this lady that fell out of her boat. So she tried to climb back into it, but she just couldn’t. It was really sad to see that none of her friends were helping her, but it was so absolutely funny. Poor woman, I’ll never forget her.

At one point during our journey, a guy came into the bus and showed the bus driver his ticket. He was a foreigner and he obviously didn’t have the right ticket. I guess he had a train ticket, as the lady went like “Does this look like a train to you?” She made a weird move with her arms when she said it and the worst thing was that she said it in Dutch, as it was clear that the guy didn’t speak Dutch.
The bus driver then said to him that he had to buy a ticket for the bus. But he had some sort of pass with him and he tried to check in, but it wasn’t working. Maybe he had the wrong pass or there wasn’t enough money on it, I don’t know. But the lady went on; “Toot toot, not good.” And as the guy tried to check in multiple times, the bus driver kept saying “Toot toot, not good”. So the guy left the bus and mumbled she was weird and the lady behind the wheels started shouting at him.

Why was she acting like that? I mean, obviously he’s not known with this system, but he is trying. So give the guy some credit for that and help him instead of making a fool out of him. Some people…

The festival was great. It started off with a nice sun, us laying on the grass trying to get a tan. But then the clouds came and it got cold. We stayed on the grass and we even fell asleep for a bit.
Around half past six we saw Kensington arriving at the festival and immediately the clouds disappeared and the sun came back. It got hot again and it stayed like that for the rest of the evening, it was like a miracle. The band had brought the sun with them.

We lay on the grass, waiting for the hour to pass by and when time finally got there, we went to the stage and got ourselves a front row spot. Perfect to take some photo’s. (Some as in about three hundred.) It was a good gig, we had fun, the boys were doing their jobs and I got a drumstick which you can stake people with as it’s broken. The drummer signed it, I got a picture with the entire band, my life was made at that moment.

After the mini signing, me and my friend sat down and had a nice talk with the singer/guitar player. We talked about the gig and I asked him if he’d enjoyed it as he wasn’t smiling so much. He admitted that he preferred touring over festivals and I do understand that. When you’re touring, you are sure people are coming just for you and your songs. They know your music and they will sing along. But when you’re playing at a festival, people might not know you and your work. They might not even like you. It is a good thing to play at festivals, because you can show people what you do and you might get new fans, but I guess it might not be as good as a normal gig.

It was a nice talk, we had a laugh and I promised to go see them in Rotterdam this September and maybe even some more places. We’ll just have to see if my wallet can handle that.

Much love,