The five people you meet in heaven

Dear reader,

I would like to start this review by thanking Maxx for making me read this one. This book once again showed me that my life motto is true: Everything happens for a reason. That person was supposed to die, you were at that place at that exact moment because it was needed. I do say; I don’t believe in god, but I do believe in fate.

Okay, so this book is about Eddie who is a maintenance guy at Ruby’s Pier. He fixes rides, checks the breaks etc etc. But at one point it goes awfully wrong when he tries to save a girls live. The story stops there and the book immediately forwards to where he is in heaven and who he meets. Only at the end of the book you will learn if he actually saved the girl or not. And I’m not going to tell you, because I don’t do spoilers.

The story has flashbacks to his other birthdays which tells us a lot about the person he’s going to meet. And it also tells you a lot about Eddie himself. The first few people he meets are quite unexpected in my opinion, but there was one, the fourth one, who I knew would be one of the people he was going to meet up there.

This book has some great life stories and also some hidden advise. Forgive, love and accept.

So Maxx.. who do you think will be the five people you meet in heaven?

Much love,


PS: They made this book into a movie. I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know if it’s any good, but if you like you can go check it out!


Short stories from a journey

Dear reader,

You may know my friend Maxx from our Smaxx Project. But she started something entirely different on her own and I have to say that I really like it. So all you Dutchies, go check out her side blog.
Just Dutch(speaking) people, though as her stories are in Dutch.

Her first story is about a woman she met on a tram or streetcar or whatever you like to call it.
So go check it out if you like random stories about random people.


Now, I don’t really know what she’s planning on doing with this sideblog, but I guess we just have to be patient and she what she’s up to.

Much love,


Billy and Me

Dear reader,

This book has been on my ‘to read’-list for quite some time. I was so happy when Maxx handed me this book, and may I add, without confetti! I think she learned her lesson.

Billy and Me is about Sophie May, an ordinary girl from an ordinary town who finds herself a not so ordinary boyfriend. And that boyfriend has an even less ordinary lifestyle.

Now, some may say that this book is just a well written fan-fiction that’s been made into a book. But as Giovanna herself is maried to McFly’s Tom Fletcher, I wondered if some of this is based on her own life. At the end of the book she tells us in a Q&A that the idea of it all is indeed based om her own life. But she also says that the celebrity girlfriends are seen in a certain way by the media. She wanted people to read about the different sides of heaving a famous boyfriend.

I think Giovanna did a good job. Yes, it looks just like fan-fiction, but I did like it. An easy read with a lovely plot. But I wonder what Maxx thought about it. I have a feeling that this book was not really her cup of tea, but I could be completely wrong. Although, I don’t think I am.

So Maxx, finish this book and let me (and everybody else) know!

Much love,


The curious case of the dog in the night-time

Dear reader,

I think this book is a bit like Marmite. You either hate it or you like it. I can tell you that I loved reading it. It reads very simple and that’s because it’s supposedly written by an autistic boy, Christopher.

Christopher is good friends with the neighbour’s dog, but one day he finds it dead in the garden with a pitchfork in its stomach. Christopher starts an investigation and questions everybody in his street. Everything he does, he writes down in a book, this book. But about halfway through, not everything is what it seems.

Some people might say that Mark Haddon is an inexperienced writer, because this book is so simple. I can’t really judge this, as I have never read anything else by him. But I do think he just really wrote from this autistic boy’s perspective.

Apart from the ending, I really liked it. I just didn’t like the ending, because there wasn’t one. It just stopped.

So if you are looking for a new adventure and you don’t mind reading simple books, read this!

Maxx, I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion. So I’ll see you on Saturday!

Much love,


Internship, Sweet revenge & Books

Dear reader,

It’s been a while since I last ‘spoke’ to you, so let’s get started.

I got myself an internship at RTL Boulevard, the biggest showbiz television programme in Holland. I got it and I threw it away again. The work was great and the team I worked with was amazing. For years I said I wanted to work there, but sadly, it didn’t work for me. So now I’ve gotten myself a new internship at the local newspaper and in the first week I’ve already made it to the front page!


Maxx and I are still doing the Smaxx-Project. Today I gave her our book for March, and let’s say it was very shiny. Let’s say I got my sweet revenge as she has given me five books filled with confetti. Thanks Maxx.

stars1 stars2

I am changing my reading routine. I always picked a book at random and started reading. From now on I’m going to do that differently. From now on I’m reading my books from A to Z as I’ve got way to many books that I haven’t read yet. So, starting this week with our new Smaxx book and then it on to my shelves, starting with The Day After Tomorrow by Allan Folsom.

tccotditnt TDAT

Also, I went to see James Arthur in concert in Amsterdam, but it got cancelled last minute. Not kidding. Five minutes before opening the venue they showed up with these posters telling us that James was sick and that the concert was moved to April 14th.


Oh and by the way.. This clock is now mine. How cool is it?!


Much love,


It’s kind of a funny story

Dear reader,

It’s the end of February and that means that yet another Smaxx-month has passed. So let’s review another book.

In our little Smaxx world, February was all about this book; It’s kind of a funny story, written by Ned Vizzini. The cover says that this is a very important book and I can only agree. In It’s kinds of a funny story the author gives you a quick peek inside the head of a person who’s dealing with a depression. Not a chance you get very often.

I have to say it was very good, but also very confronting. I really recognized myself in some ways. His train of thoughts, the distress.. that scared me a bit sometimes. But the way Craig (the main character) dealt with this all was very inspiring. Let me explain.

When a person is depressed, they often don’t see the good sides of life anymore. And when everything in their lives turns to black, there’s no stopping them anymore. They kill themselves if they dare. But not Craig. Craig is so stressed about his school stuff and his future that he wants to throw himself of the Brooklyn Bridge. The easy way out. But he stresses even more when he doesn’t know what to do with his bike.
He takes one of his mom’s books How to survive the loss of a love and looks up what to do when feeling suicidal. He then calls the suicide hotline and they tell him to go to the hospital. And before he knows it, he’s admitted himself to Six North, adult psychiatric.

And I think this is so brave. There aren’t many people who think that clearly.

I do have to say. When I was about halfway through the book, I started to recognize this story. It turns out that there’s a movie based on this book. And guess what.. I’ve seen that movie.

So if you don’t like reading, you could always watch the movie. I’m being real here. Do it. Watch it. Read it. Live it. It ís important to know what a depression can do to a person. And I know that suffering from a depression is different for everyone, but at least it’s a start. There should be more of these books, just to get people to understand.
And this is real. Ned Vizzini wrote this a week after being released from his own Six North.

So all in all, I think this is one of the most important books on my shelve.

Maxx, I hope you feel the same way I do. I really hope you enjoyed my choice of books for February and I will see you in March!

Much love,


The realm of possibility

Dear reader,

I’m not really sure what to think about this book. It felt a bit weir when I finished it.
It’s not a book that I would normally choose to read. It has almost no punctuation at all. Only a few stories do. And note how I call them stories instead of chapters.

There are five parts to the book and (correct me if I’m wrong), every part has five stories. Every story belongs to a different person. At times it was easy to link them to one another (Jed and Daniel), but most of the time it didn’t make any sense at all.
It also didn’t really get to me that easily, because it wasn’t really written like a real story. It had a bit of a poetic strike to it. And it took me quite a while to find a nice way to read it.

But this doesn’t mean it was a bad book. There were parts that I really liked. Like the alphabetic story.

I also collected a few quotes from the book that I really liked.

I can’t pretend to know how to smoke. I just do it.
I can’t pretend to know what love is. It just is.

Page 7

And he says he doesn’t know what to do and I suggest he just give up on me and he says ‘That’s not an option’.

Page 24

Hours cannot measure what I feel housed inside me like a caged tiger.
How strange it feels to talk about it.
How was I planning to get through this alone?

Page 110

Loss takes a much ass love does, sometimes more.
Low voices still say it was my fault.
Lures of truth turn out to be hooks.

Page 113

Notice how fickle feelings can be.
Now I’m better, now I’m worse.
Nowhere is written how to deal with this.

Page 116

Seesaw through the haze.
Sing out all the doubts you ever had.
Singe the memories, because the are the things that get lost in the fire.

Page 116/117

How to be alone

Remember that at any given moment there are a thousand things you can love.

Page 180

All in all it was a special book. For one, because it was the first one in the Smaxx series. And secondly because it made me feel so diverted.

So Maxx, thank you for making me read this. And I saved you a quote. When reading this, I immediately thought of you. Cause you make me happy.

There is no word for our kind of friendship.
Two people who don’t see each other much, but can make each other effortlessly happy.

Page 195

See you in February.

Much love,