Don’t judge, make a change!

Dear readers,

The world knows so many people. So who are we to decide if someone is weird? Maybe they’re just a little different from yourself, but they’re people too, you know.

I don’t think we’re allowed to judge. We all do it, there’s no point in denying. But why, though..? To make ourselves feel better? Shouldn’t we feel better after sending people our love and respect? After treating them like equals? Cause that’s what they are!

I meet new people every day. On the streets, while traveling and because of my internship. And yes, I find some of those people a bit strange. But that doesn’t mean they’re less valuable. They may not have the same view on life as me. If we judge people based on that, then we’re the weirdoes in this story. Cause we should respect other people’s thoughts. Maybe we could even learn from them.

They might have seen things in life that made them change their mind on certain subjects. And I don’t think we should treat them differently or make fun of them because of that.

So let’s make a change. Yes, another one.
For once, don’t judge. Listen to what people have got to say. And it doesn’t matter if you agree or not. But it’s their point of view. So talk about it, try to see life through their eyes.

If you want to feel better, start with the person next to you. One day you’ll get it in return.

Much love,




Dreams are weird things, if you ask me. They can be beautiful, scary, sometimes even worrying.

I often dream about my biggest phobia actually. Spiders and insects. It’s awful! A few weeks ago I dreamt about moving. So I was cleaning my kitchen and as I emptied a bucket in the sink, a worm appeared. But when I wanted to take it out, it grew bigger and got stuck. I tried to pull it out, but it ripped and all this blue gross stuff came out of it. At that point my alarm went off. Lucky me.

But how do dreams work? I know they don’t always mean what you think. There is a whole other explanation to them. So is your brain sending you a message to watch out and be careful or to enjoy life while you can? But then again, why wouldn’t it just show you what it’s trying to say? Why these nightmares and weird stories?

Life already isn’t simple, why does our brain have to make it even harder?

And what if you forget what you dreamt and it actually had a really big message for you? An important message that you forgot.

Could it be some kind of test? But them still, who do we have to prove right? And does it really need to be done while sleeping? Seriously, I don’t want to worry or think about my dreams like this. I just want to sleep.

What are your thoughts on dreams?

Much love,