Favourite Artists – List number two

I thought this would be the perfict time for one of my lists, as it’s been a while since I posted the first one. As you can see from the title, this list will be about my favourite artists. It won’t be in a particular order, just randomly put together. This is because I don’t have a real favourite, just a few that I love. So, let’s go.

Adam Lambert – I saw him live once, in Amsterdam. It was such a good show! Heavenly. His voice is so good! I can’t wait for him to come back to promote his second album Trespassing.

30 Seconds To Mars– The boys were in Holland a few years ago, in 2010 I believe? I went to see them with a friend and we were really close to the stage. But it was a hot day and it was very muggy inside the venue. So when Jared told us to come closer to the stage by all taking three steps forward, I said to my friend that I couldn’t really breath and that I would meet her again after the gig at the bar. I wanted her to enjoy this show, as I was actually there for her, she infected me with her fan-ness. But people wouldn’t let me get through and then I collapsed. It got to hot and there wasn’t enough fresh air, so someone took me to the first aid spot, which happened to be backstage. There I sat against the wall, heavily breathing and drinking some water. Not able to act only a little bit normal. And then a wild Jared appeared. He looked at me, looked at the first aid lady, looked back at me and then again back to the lady. He said; “Make sure she doesn’t come after me.”
I hated him for that, I was there because of him. He made me miss the rest of the show and he didn’t even bother to ask if I was doing OK. I really didn’t like that. But next time they are in Holland again, I will be going to the show. I want to see their entire show. Cause who can be mad at someone as beautiful as Jared Leto?

Destine – Great and lovely boys from Holland, chasing their dream. Five lads that got together to make some music and are now taking the world by storm. Gigs in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, England and Asia. Recording with James Paul Wisner in the States! They’re so nice and I love their music.

Katy Perry – I love her style and her songs, she’s just amazing. And she may not always be as pitch perfect, but she’s cool and she’s a great performer.

Jedward – These two boys are  so much fun. I got to meet them when they were in Holland a few months ago and they were so nice. Genuinely good guys.

Olly Murs – X-Factor 2009 runner up. His music is great, his moves are cool and his voice is amazing!

Kensington – Five guys from Holland with music that makes you think they’re from the UK, or something. It’s indirock from Holland and the guys are super nice! Check them out!

Joe McElderry – The winner of X-Factor 2009. His first album was all poppy and I loved it. After that he entered ‘From popstar to opera star’ and released two albums with classic opera songs. I don’t really like those, but I’m still hoping he will go back to releasing pop songs.

Only Seven Left – Another Dutch band. Really cool. They’ve released two albums and the current singer is their third, best and hopefully last.

Ed Sheeran – His songs are lovely. Just him and his guitar and it makes me so calm.

One Direction – Yes, I am a Directioner. I’m not a hysterical and passionate one, but I do like their music. They seem like five really good lads who are always having fun while living their dream. I would love to meet them one day.

Ok, so that’s it. It’s not all the artist I like, it’s just my ten favourites. Again, just randomly ordered. And please don’t judge me? I know my music taste sucks, haha.

Much love,